Definition of paint a picture of in English:

paint a picture of


  • Describe (someone or something) in a particular way.

    ‘the president painted a grim picture of life in the next century’
    • ‘She routinely vastly inflates her statistics in order to paint a picture of ordinary families increasingly squeezed by circumstances beyond their control.’
    • ‘The survey, fielded in August 2004, paints a picture of plugged-in political information gatherers.’
    • ‘Oh, how we liked to paint a picture of being " under the thumb of big business ".’
    • ‘The latest national intelligence estimate paints a picture of a country hanging in the balance.’
    • ‘I think what she's trying to do is paint a picture of him more of a liberal.’
    • ‘Over the course of 50 scathing pages he painted a picture of an authority where abuse of the public purse was endemic.’
    • ‘The prosecution is really going all out to try to paint a picture of what his personality is all about.’
    • ‘The fun part was being able to paint a picture of my entire career through the eyes of others.’
    • ‘He doesn't criticize the definitions, he chooses instead to try to paint a picture of extremism where there isn't any.’
    • ‘An article in the March 16 issue of the San Jose Mercury News begins to paint a picture of what California consumers will face.’
    tell, recount, narrate, set forth, set out, outline, sketch, detail, unfold, describe, depict, characterize, evoke, conjure up
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