Definition of paint-up in English:



  • (in Aboriginal English) the decoration of the body for ceremonial purposes.

    ‘your totem spirituality is awakened during the paint-up’
    • ‘Nor do they bother very often about doing a paint-up, so far as I know.’
    • ‘This awakening of energy in our own backyard - the cultural exchange, the process, the paint-up - you knew that a good spirit had to wake up.’
    • ‘He wrote that the initiates wore body paint which was washed off by the women. This is strongly disputed today and the paint-up after the "swim" is claimed to be correct.’
    • ‘Those who have gone before have taken their stories and paint-ups with them.’
    • ‘When the people come in from outside and come and sit in the audience there'll be a paint-up happening.’