Definition of pain barrier in English:

pain barrier


  • The state of greatest pain, especially during physical exertion, beyond which the pain diminishes:

    ‘marathon runners go through the pain barrier’
    • ‘He'd never quit, he'd fight through the pain barrier.’
    • ‘She's a very tough girl and wants to play through the pain barrier, but we have to look after her.’
    • ‘‘He already went through the pain barrier for us, putting the club before himself,’ noted the Rangers manager.’
    • ‘She pushes her body beyond the pain barrier every day.’
    • ‘‘We have got a lot of players playing through the pain barrier but we are digging deep,’ said Charlton, reflecting on their growing injury list.’
    • ‘Yet, undeterred by his litany of woes, he is traversing the pain barrier and transcending the traps of competing at considerably less than 100%.’
    • ‘You have to push yourself beyond the pain barrier.’
    • ‘Raising money was the inspiration for the part-time athletes to battle through the pain barrier in the 26-mile endurance test yesterday.’
    • ‘He said after the event that he was exhilarated and surprised that he never encountered a pain barrier and managed a sprint finish.’
    • ‘But such is the enthusiasm this game has generated in the midlands town, that both men would be prepared to play through the pain barrier on such an historic occasion.’
    • ‘They covered 6,600 miles in 100 days, pedalling through the pain barrier in temperatures reaching 47 degrees in the world's toughest cycle race, the Tour d' Afrique.’
    • ‘One reason why I love the jogging is for the solitude that comes with it and the pleasure that comes with working through the pain barrier when you start to cramp up or just run out of breath.’
    • ‘She gave the race everything she had, pounding through the cold, wet night, through the stadium lights, through the pain barrier.’
    • ‘At the finish, after going far beyond the pain barrier, he seemed absolutely shattered but his was a mind over body triumph.’
    • ‘For many people, counting the calories burnt during their workout is one of the main motivations for breaking through the pain barrier.’
    • ‘And Davis revealed he battled through the pain barrier after picking up a groin strain early in the first half.’
    • ‘Some runners finished with barely a drop of sweat on them and others grimaced red-faced through the pain barrier up to the finish line at the G-Mex centre today.’
    • ‘We need strong characters who are prepared to go through the pain barrier for the team.’
    • ‘It looked doubtful at one point whether I'd be able to play in the final but I managed to get through the pain barrier.’
    • ‘But nonetheless, the lads are showing great determination and character - several players have played through the pain barrier of late which is a credit to them.’


pain barrier