Definition of pain-relieving in English:



  • (of medication) alleviating pain.

    ‘patients are given a pain-relieving drug an hour before surgery’
    • ‘Immediately after a back injury or a flare-up of back pain, doctors recommend pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.’
    • ‘Reflexology enables the body to release its own natural pain-relieving agents called endorphins.’
    • ‘York Hospital is to offer the drug to surgical patients to test its pain-relieving properties.’
    • ‘Her last liver failed almost a year ago and now a cocktail of pain-relieving drugs keep her alive.’
    • ‘The pain-relieving chemical in red pepper, capsaicin, triggers the body to release endorphins, nature's own opiates.’
    • ‘Patients are made as comfortable as possible, with bed rest, pain-relieving medications, and hot packs to help relieve the pain of extreme muscle tightness.’
    • ‘The practice of yoga seems to have pain-relieving benefits.’
    • ‘Tears release a natural pain-relieving substance from the brain.’
    • ‘When someone occupies a hospital bed they no longer need it delays the pain-relieving treatment of another patient.’
    • ‘The trials are being carried out at hospitals throughout Britain in the hope of measuring the effects of cannabis plant extract against other pain-relieving drugs.’
    • ‘Any of these herbs can be made into pain-relieving teas.’
    • ‘Often she cannot participate in festive occasions and sometimes the doctor is called to administer pain-relieving injections.’
    • ‘At a famous dinner party in Edinburgh in 1847 he proved to himself (and to his accommodating guests) the pain-relieving power of chloroform.’
    • ‘A paramedic may have to resuscitate a very ill person, give oxygen and pain-relieving drugs.’
    soporific, sleep-inducing, opiate, hypnotic
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