Definition of pager in English:



  • A small radio device, activated from a central point, which emits a series of bleeps or vibrates to inform the wearer that someone wishes to contact them or that it has received a short text message.

    • ‘Personally, I agree that it's rude to leave cell phones and pagers on during meetings or seminars.’
    • ‘Many modern digital cellphones and pagers allow users to disable audible ringing, so they can quietly pick up calls in public places or have the phone take messages.’
    • ‘We have the latest in wireless technology, from pagers and cell phones to palm pilot accessories, all for the busy man on the go.’
    • ‘These are kids who've had access to cell phones, pagers and personal computers all their lives.’
    • ‘Let's concentrate on the big three of wireless convenience devices: pagers, cell phones and e-mail.’