Definition of pageantry in English:



mass noun
  • Elaborate display or ceremony.

    ‘the pageantry of George V's jubilee’
    • ‘That was followed by dozens of special events including readings, plays, pageantry and exhibitions.’
    • ‘Only those on work-based learning courses will be expected to turn up as normal when the five-day festival of horse racing and pageantry is hosted by the city.’
    • ‘Up to 200 men, women and children will be dressed in costume for this piece of street-theatre and pageantry.’
    • ‘But, unbelievably, there is a downside to all the harrumphing pomp and pageantry.’
    • ‘The pomp and pageantry of the Queen's Speech guarantees a wonderful sense of occasion.’
    • ‘The emotions that poured forth at that death and the glorious pageantry that surrounded her funeral showed the true heart of her countrymen.’
    • ‘The 90 minute video features music, song, dance and pageantry as well as the opening ceremony itself.’
    • ‘The celebrations would continue for a full week, filled with pomp and pageantry.’
    • ‘The pomp and pageantry seemed to affect our lads quite a bit and they appeared sluggish and nervous at the beginning of the game.’
    • ‘Readers have brought in their own mementoes of previous days of pomp and pageantry.’
    • ‘It all just adds to the colour, glamour and pageantry.’
    • ‘This was indeed a glorious display of pageantry and dignity.’
    • ‘Thousands of visitors are set to descend on York when the five-day festival of horse racing and pageantry comes to the city in June next year.’
    • ‘The ceremony and pageantry of the last week was not simply a way of saying goodbye to a much-loved person.’
    • ‘It will all be done tastefully - as a nation we do heritage and pageantry well - and tears will no doubt be shed for a shared loss.’
    • ‘Pomp, pageantry and gaiety ran riot making the atmosphere electric.’
    • ‘OK, so it's a bit of constitutional glitter and pomp and pageantry junkies love it.’
    • ‘The combination of fantastic quality racing and the unique splendour and pageantry that Royal Ascot provides makes it a real spectacle for viewers.’
    • ‘It was the glamour and pageantry attached to the whole event that set us thinking of the first Olympics and how they came to be.’
    • ‘This year's festival looks to the past to help the city celebrate St George's Day, focusing on the medieval pageantry of yesteryear.’
    spectacle, display, ceremony, ceremoniousness, magnificence, pomp, glory, splendour, grandeur, glamour, flourish, glitter, theatricality, drama, show, showiness
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