Definition of page view in English:

page view


  • An instance of an Internet user visiting a particular page on a website.

    • ‘This helped grow the site traffic by 33%, which translated to an extra 400,000 visitors and 8 million page views a month.’
    • ‘They are based on page views and unique audience.’
    • ‘You'll generate a huge amount of page views, which is what wins in the market today.’
    • ‘Its sites commanded 35 million page views in March.’
    • ‘On a monthly basis, the site now gets more than 1 billion page views.’
    • ‘The site gets 10,000 page views per day.’
    • ‘That would be 300 million page views.’
    • ‘It's all about traffic; the site with the most page views wins.’
    • ‘In Germany, after 100 days, we received 250 million page views.’
    • ‘In December 1999, page views soared to 39 million.’
    • ‘To structure content, three Web sites with the largest number of page views were determined for each panelist.’
    • ‘Unlike us, they now had a site with more than 7 million page views a day.’
    • ‘The backers had overestimated the site's ability to convert page views into revenues, a fundamental error made by many dot-coms, she says.’
    • ‘Yesterday he served 2 million pages views in 24 hours for the first time.’
    • ‘That amounts to 84 page views per household per day.’
    • ‘Since the November relaunch, the site has seen a 13 percent increase in weekly visits and an 8 percent increase in page views.’
    • ‘The relationship between page views and sessions is highlighted in this section.’
    • ‘Forget about clicks, hits, and page views.’
    • ‘They do it because the more people who download files from their websites means the more page views they get.’
    • ‘In France, we have gotten 85 million page views in two weeks.’