Definition of page reference in English:

page reference


  • A reference to a specific page or group of pages in a book, periodical, etc.

    ‘page references to the second edition’
    • ‘Could you direct me to the transcript where that happened, if you just give me the page references?’
    • ‘The page references are given for both the German original and the corresponding English version.’
    • ‘Quotes accompanied by page references denote scenes from published scripts that did not make it into the final film.’
    • ‘The reference gave only the author and date of publication, without a page reference.’
    • ‘Excerpts from the book, complete with page references, were handwritten on the walls.’
    • ‘An index is provided for the entire volume and includes common names, Latin names, and page references to various terms used throughout the book.’
    • ‘The page references cited in the text correspond to the English edition.’
    • ‘Copy-editors may miss wrong page references, name inconsistencies, misspellings, punctuation slips, that sort of thing.’
    • ‘Wherever possible I shall give page references to the second edition of this collection.’
    • ‘I did have a page reference and quote to back that up, but the book got tidied away.’