Definition of page proof in English:

page proof


  • A printer's proof of a page to be published.

    • ‘In fact, Commonweal sent me uncorrected page proofs of the book on August 1, 2002, and I spent many hours of my vacation that month in a careful reading of the text.’
    • ‘The 255 page proof of the odd order theorem, filling an entire issue of the Pacific Journal, had set the tone, but it was by far not the longest paper.’
    • ‘Two people have copies of page proofs in front of them; a third person checks the 1816 edition, a fourth checks the 1814.’
    • ‘When at last the copy arrived and he had informed me of how he wanted the pages laid out, I returned a page proof with a number of changes to his text - 64 in total, because he counted them all.’
    • ‘Please find enclosed one set of page proofs for the book.’
    • ‘To ensure our biographies came out simultaneously (rather than mine lagging fatally behind), I had to correct page proofs at frantic speed; manuscript bundles would be delivered to me by motorbike couriers.’
    • ‘With this change, the online version will become the definitive version, and authors will receive electronic page proofs with a figure quality that will be identical to the online Journal.’
    • ‘J. Wiens kindly made page proofs of his most recent papers available for examination, so that we could comment on the result of his most recent simulation studies.’
    • ‘Final editorial and advertising pages are then sent on computer disk to a vendor in Kansas City who prepares the final files and editorial page proofs.’
    • ‘I normally try to respond to thoughtful blogs and e-mails, but I am leaving town tomorrow and really need to get back to reading the page proofs for the book and writing the index.’
    • ‘Some manuscripts include rough and final drafts, and galley and page proofs.’
    • ‘Once all the page proofs have been read and everything is ‘check-subbed ‘, the newspaper is sent to press.’’
    • ‘The page proofs were laid out a few weeks in advance, and the minority panel convened for the last time to review them.’
    • ‘And it will happen in this, because stories look different at every stage along the way, from the manuscript to a galley to a page proof to the printed magazine.’
    • ‘I was stuck in a publisher's office in the City of London reading page proofs from morning till night.’
    • ‘Our original graph had the correct error bars, but we missed the distortion in the page proofs.’
    • ‘This change allowed us to send authors page proofs for correction prior to publication and still meet deadlines.’
    • ‘At some stage during the production of this book I will have received from the publishers page proofs - rough versions of the final pages, prepared from the manuscript I provided.’
    • ‘By the time the page proofs came back, they had confirmed, so I changed the stories a bit more.’
    • ‘The mistake, however, is a serious one, and if I'd had my wits about me as an editor, I wouldn't have let the author mix up his tenses in manuscript or allowed him in page proof to lapse into poetic license.’
    galley proof, galley, pull, slip, trial print
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page proof