Definition of page-turner in English:



  • An exciting book.

    ‘the most irresistible page-turner since Odysseus got back to Ithaca’
    • ‘I thought at first that it was quite a page-turner, but eventually I found myself yearning for the end to come.’
    • ‘Journals is actually quite an invasive read, but there is no doubt it's a compulsive page-turner.’
    • ‘As in all the chapters, David (a photo editor and avid photographer) maintains the excitement visually with pictures and page designs that make such a book a page-turner.’
    • ‘She needed escape, a page-turner that wasn't so intense that it would stress her out, so romantic that she'd fall apart, or so violent she'd lose sleep.’
    • ‘Quirky features like these make the novel a real page-turner.’
    • ‘What makes a novel a page-turner, besides a great story line, is pacing.’
    • ‘Captivating writing on such diverse topics makes this book a page-turner.’
    • ‘It is a stunning book, a page-turner and thought-provoker.’
    • ‘As such, his book is a wonderful gift - a page-turner that teaches, using words and images that stick in the mind.’
    • ‘She says it's an incredible page-turner that's kept her reading late at night four nights in a row, as she simply couldn't put it down.’
    • ‘In the end, what really makes this book a page-turner is the nagging question of what happened to Gabriella Hartman.’
    • ‘The reader will need a chapter or two to fall into the rhythm of the dialect, but the book quickly becomes a page-turner.’
    • ‘What makes a page-turner, an irresistible read, a story or book that you can't put down?’
    • ‘Overall, it was a gripping story, and obviously a page-turner that raises some interesting ethical questions.’
    • ‘But it is also a highly enjoyable read - one might even say it's a page-turner, if books of this genre are permitted to be labeled as such.’
    • ‘It's certainly a page-turner, despite the sometimes flat tone of the writing; there's a eyebrow raising passage every two pages.’
    • ‘Even though we know the outcome, the story is a page-turner.’
    • ‘Brown has created the veritable page-turner, a book that moves at a breakneck speed along the edge of a cliff.’
    • ‘Overall, the story was quite a page-turner (I read through it during my lunch breaks over 3 days), and I will probably read it again in the near future.’
    • ‘I've read them all, and most of those page-turners kept me awake far too late, too often.’