Definition of paepae in English:



  • 1A bench on which speakers sit in a Maori meeting house.

    ‘he was on the paepae alongside the elders’
    • ‘None of the elders had yet arrived so he was ordered to sit on the paepae, and Stay There, until they arrived.’
    • ‘He entered the house, stepping over the high paepae.’
    • ‘It was a warm spring day as I sat on the paepae of my marae at Omarumutu, on an elevated platform looking out to sea.’
    • ‘Despite attempts to follow Maori protocols in relation to the paepae, a senior Australian politician was accidentally placed in the front row.’
    • ‘It is not really enough to sit on the front row of the paepae.’
    • ‘It is nothing new to me to be sitting on the paepae.’
    • ‘Mr Peters had them rolling on the paepae with his first quip.’
    • ‘We were together again at Waahi Marae, sitting on the paepae.’
    • ‘He should be taking himself there, getting on to the paepae, and debating the issues.’
    • ‘Things were being said on the paepae that some of our speakers were completely ignorant of.’
    1. 1.1 The group of speakers in a Maori meeting house.
      ‘he brings a younger perspective to the paepae’
      • ‘The senior elder instructed the paepae that they all must participate.’
      • ‘Its purpose was to replenish the paepae with members who could speak with authority.’
      • ‘It begins with the principal speakers and elders of the paepae.’
      • ‘Some other elders in the paepae refused to have anything to do with her.’
      • ‘The organisation was established by a current Paepae member and supported by the New Zealand Film Commission.’


Mid 19th century: Maori.