Definition of paedomorphosis in English:


(US pedomorphosis)


    • ‘By comparison to other squamates, this morphology indicates skeletal paedomorphosis that is common in secondarily marine reptiles.’
    • ‘This later result indicates that expression of paedomorphosis is associated with genetic changes that alter developmental timing.’
    • ‘Germ layers, homology, larval evolution, larval origins of the vertebrates, paedomorphosis and heterochrony underpinned the origins of evolutionary embryology, and so I discuss each of these topics.’
    • ‘At a higher level, it is considered that vertebrates might have arisen from the pelagic larva of a tunicate-like organism by paedomorphosis, causing the retention of the larval characters into the adult phase.’
    • ‘Facultative paedomorphosis occurs in most species, though individuals in these species usually metamorphose fully into terrestrial adults with robust bodies and limbs, broad heads, and laterally-flattened tails.’


1920s: from paedo- + -morph + -osis.