Definition of Paduan in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Italian city of Padua, or its inhabitants.

    ‘he wrote in a Paduan dialect’
    • ‘With the Milanese soldier Roberto da Sanseverino, and the Paduan noble Gabriele Capodilista, he sailed for Jaffa on 17 May.’
    • ‘Starkey moved in the highest circles of the Paduan and Venetian intellectual aristocracy.’
    • ‘Pacher's painting demonstrates first-hand knowledge of Paduan art, especially the work of Mantegna.’
    • ‘There is little which suggests that experience of Paduan teaching transformed the medical outlook he would have learnt from Cambridge doctors.’
    • ‘His major Paduan commission was for the decoration of the ruling Carrara family's palace chapel.’
    • ‘Pinelli frequently received visiting dignitaries and scholars and invited Paduan men of letters to meet them.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Italian city of Padua.

    ‘a great church was built by the Paduans’
    • ‘Niccolo Frangipane is supposed to have been a Paduan, though his birthplace is disputed.’
    • ‘The opposing forces consisted of the Veronese, led by Giovanni dei Ordelaffi, and the Paduans, under the English mercenary Sir John Hawkwood.’
    • ‘Castelbaldo, today a rustic town, was then furnished with a formidable castle, which the Paduans had provisioned with food and arms.’