Definition of padrone in English:



  • 1A patron or master, in particular:

    head, head man, head woman, top man, top woman, chief, principal, director, president, executive, chief executive, chair, chairperson, chairman, chairwoman, manager, manageress, administrator, leader, superintendent, supervisor, foreman, forewoman, overseer, controller, employer, master, owner, proprietor, patron
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    1. 1.1 A Mafia boss.
      boss, manager, manageress, foreman, forewoman, overseer, controller, supervisor, superintendent
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    2. 1.2US informal An employer, especially one who exploits immigrant workers.
      • ‘There is no question that in many instances padrones were able to exploit the relative ignorance of immigrant workers to capture a large share of the gains from mobilizing labor.’
      • ‘These Greeks often were subject to the padrone system, a form of exploitative indentured servitude employed in many of the larger industrial cities of the North and in the large mining corporations of the West.’
      • ‘One day I got work at the fruit market through the padrone.’
      • ‘Peck's padrones emerge as ‘entrepreneurs of space,’ providing critical links and a variety of functions in the volatile transnational labor markets that spread out across the North American continent.’
      • ‘He works the national borders between southern Europe and the three North American states, and the class and racial boundaries between resident populations, the immigrant workers, and the padrones.’
      • ‘The padrone was an ethnic intermediary and labour agent with the resources necessary to conduct the trade.’
      • ‘The padrone supervised the gang's work and provided housing and meals, charging a fee against wages.’
      • ‘Here they re-created their cultural patterns and social networks, including banks established by padrones (labor contractors), mutual-aid societies providing sickness and death benefits, and the festa of the town's patron saint.’
      • ‘In this way the padrone provided American companies with large numbers of employees for which they were paid handsomely.’
      • ‘Each time another shipment of men arrives, one of his employees appears on the second-floor balcony, like a Mexican padrone, to welcome them in Spanish - and to warn them not to talk with farmworker advocates.’
      • ‘Not long ago people like Renato and Theresa worked for a padrone as serfs, for no pay.’
      head, principal, chief executive, executive, president, chair, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, governor, director, administrator, manager, manageress, superintendent, foreman, forewoman, controller, overseer
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    3. 1.3 (in Italy) the proprietor of a hotel.
      • ‘One of these is Giuliano Binanti, the padrone of the Giuliano group of restaurants in Edinburgh, who each autumn acts as my mushroom mentor.’
      • ‘The Philadelphia is attached to the Parmigiana restaurant and I have witnessed more than one gourmet in this fine establishment ask Sandro, il padrone, if they can go off the menu and have a fish supper sent though from the Phillie.’
      • ‘And so one night, having indulged a little too freely in a local wine called ‘The Tears of Christ,’ I confessed to the hotel padrone a furtive secret.’
      • ‘The situation changed dramatically in July at the ceremony to formally turn over Palazzo Grassi to its new padrone.’
      • ‘You can enjoy a perfect Tuscan kitchen and the hospitality of the Padrone and his team in the heart of Vienna.’
      • ‘Our favourite restaurant there was Archimede, whose vigilant padrone and busy staff put on a bustling show like something out of the commedia dell'arte.’