Definition of pacer in English:



  • 1A pacemaker.

    • ‘Without the help and support of my pacers and my wife Carol, I could not have completed this challenge.’
    • ‘Thus if you start playing tennis or jogging, the pacer will sense the motion and up your heart rate, as it will when you get up close with a pretty girl.’
    • ‘Ventricular burst stimulation may be delivered through a permanent pacer to terminate organized ventricular tachycardia (although this may prompt ventricular fibrillation so an external defibrillator must be at the ready).’
    • ‘Heretofore, technology itself was the pacer for developments.’
    • ‘Anyhow, it will be your doctor who decides what kind of pacer you need.’
    • ‘In my opinion you need to ask the pacer that you sign up with what his strategy is, as they often have different ideas about how to run the races, (and I am not disagreeing with Frank here, they are very experienced runners).’
    • ‘He was a pacer, particularly when nurturing an idea in its embryonic form.’
    • ‘Sallie was going to be the next pacer, so she got ready for her twenty mile loop.’
    • ‘Weight loss despite adequate calories suggests an overactive thyroid (a blood test is necessary), Parkinsonism, diabetes, or a hyperactive Alzheimer pacer.’
    • ‘That day the pacer Allaboard Jules ran third in yet another cheap race at New Jersey's Freehold Raceway, maybe earning $300, not enough to meet the blacksmith's bills.’
  • 2US A horse bred or trained to pace, used in some types of racing.

    • ‘Pacing is faster than trotting, which is why pacers and trotters run separately in harness racing’
    • ‘‘It is a little less competitive with the trotters compared to pacers,’ she said.’
    • ‘Now this weekend, the Inter Dominion harness racing championship winds up with the pacer's Grand Final, this year worth a record prize money of a million dollars.’
    • ‘He also raced one or two pacers at Addington Raceway.’
    • ‘But it was something that perhaps wasn't as common originally, and so it was only really the selective breeding that increased the number of pacers to the extent where we actually have more pacers running around now than we do trotters.’