Main definitions of p in English

: p1P2P3


  • 1Page:

    ‘see p 784’
  • 2Chemistry
    [in combination] Para-:

  • 3British Penny or pence:

    ‘a 5p coin’
  • 4Music
    Piano (softly).

  • 5[in combination] (in units of measurement) pico- (10−12):

    ‘a 220 pf capacitor’
  • 6Chemistry
    Denoting electrons and orbitals possessing one unit of angular momentum:


  • 1Physics

    ‘pV = nRT’
  • 2Statistics

    ‘this difference was significant (p = 0.0008)’

Main definitions of p in English

: p1P2P3


(also p)


  • 1The sixteenth letter of the alphabet.

    • ‘I have a P for Patricia and J for my name Joy.. so technically it's PJ!’
    • ‘One key to knowing which marketing programs to choose involves thoroughly understanding how to leverage the 4 Ps of marketing - price, product, promotion, and place - to reach and appeal to your target audience(s).’
    • ‘Let’s have an ‘S’ for Speedy, and a ‘P’ for Polly, intertwined on the top of the cake, in red frosting.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting the next after O (or N if O is omitted) in a set of items, categories, etc.
      • ‘Let P be the set of all finite subsets of N.’
      • ‘Now for each r, let p be the next larger even integer.’

Main definitions of p in English

: p1P2P3


  • 1(in tables of sports results) games played.

  • 2(on an automatic gear shift) park.

  • 3(on road signs and street plans) parking.

  • 4[in combination] (in units of measurement) peta- (1015):

    ‘27 PBq of radioactive material’
  • 5Physics
    Poise (unit of viscosity).

  • 6Portugal (international vehicle registration).

  • 7Proprietary.

  • The chemical element phosphorus.