Definition of ozone hole in English:

ozone hole


  • A region of marked thinning of the ozone layer in high latitudes, chiefly in winter, attributed to the chemical action of CFCs and other atmospheric pollutants. The resulting increase in ultraviolet light at ground level gives rise to an increased risk of skin cancer.

    • ‘In the last three years the ozone hole has covered an area of up to 26 million square kilometres, nearly 3 times the area of Australia.’
    • ‘Recent scientific findings link global warming to ozone depletion, challenging prevailing assumptions that the ozone hole will begin to recover by the year 2050.’
    • ‘As you can imagine, scientists are trying to learn the effects of the added ultraviolet radiation that the ozone hole allows to reach the ocean.’
    • ‘Ozone depletion in the stratosphere also causes the ozone hole that occurs each spring over Antarctica.’
    • ‘Last winter scientists reported an ozone hole over the Arctic the size of North America.’


ozone hole