Definition of ozone depletion in English:

ozone depletion


mass noun
  • Reduction in the concentration of ozone in the ozone layer.

    ‘this chemical contributes to ozone depletion’
    • ‘The goal is to understand the causes of ozone depletion in order to better assess current environmental policy.’
    • ‘My colleagues and I investigate atmospheric problems of environmental importance, such as ozone depletion, climate change, and air pollution.’
    • ‘There was ample scientific evidence that they were causing ozone depletion.’
    • ‘The aim is to describe the connections between ozone depletion and global warming.’
    • ‘Concerns about ozone depletion and health risks associated with these chemicals have created a growing market for alternative treatments.’
    • ‘Although not the only culprit in our midst, air conditioning has contributed to ozone depletion.’
    • ‘It is vital that government policies aimed at tackling climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion are backed by sound science.’
    • ‘A four-year study found that an increase in winds caused by greenhouse gases and ozone depletion is preventing the sea from absorbing more carbon.’
    • ‘Flying is one of the major causes of climate change and ozone depletion.’
    • ‘Scientists knew even more about ozone depletion and were able to act accordingly.’