Definition of oyster sauce in English:

oyster sauce


mass noun
  • A sauce made with oysters and soy sauce, used especially in Chinese cooking.

    • ‘Marinate sliced tofu in a mixture of chile-garlic sauce, vegetable oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and ginger for at least one hour and up to one day.’
    • ‘Spicy Thailand fare was spread on the table with steamy sesame rice, hotspurs and fried beef in oyster sauce.’
    • ‘Drizzle eggs with oyster sauce and garnish with pepper, spring onions and chillies.’
    • ‘Return the beef and mangetout to the wok and add the rice wine, soy, oyster sauce and sugar, tossing well (add water if dry).’
    • ‘Add the fish sauce, oyster sauce and soya bean paste and mix through well before adding the coconut milk.’
    • ‘To make the marinade, spoon the honey and oyster sauce into a roasting tin or baking dish.’
    • ‘Add the granulated sugar, soy, oyster sauce and cornstarch - one at a time - and hand-mix thoroughly after each ingredient.’
    • ‘Chang brings to French cuisine unusual Chinese flourishes, including ingredients such as oyster sauce and bamboo shoots - one of his specialties is tuna tartare with ginger and caviar.’
    • ‘Add the udon noodles, soy sauce and oyster sauce and cook until heated through.’
    • ‘Then we had a poached king fish in oyster sauce with basil, which again was superb.’
    • ‘Soy sauce gives a salty, well-rounded complexity with its mysterious fermented soybean flavour; hoi sin gives a rich, spicy fruitiness of yellow beans and vinegar; and oyster sauce adds a dense savoury character.’
    • ‘For my first course I chose the mushrooms in pastry, while Madame went for the fried beef in oyster sauce, and I followed my order with the afore-mentioned veal.’
    • ‘Use a bottle of your favourite stir-fry sauce from the supermarket, or make your own; I like to use a mixture of dry sherry, garlic, minced ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and a tablespoon or so of peanut oil.’
    • ‘You will easily find such commonly used items as Hoisin sauce, pea pods, gingerroot, oyster sauce, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and chow mein noodles.’
    • ‘Freshness is exalted, for example, by steaming fish in the simplest possible fashion; oyster sauce enhances poached poultry, or green vegetables barely blanched.’
    • ‘If it is your first time at Loch Fyne, then you must have, for main course, the Turbot marinated in oyster sauce, with a side order of garlic mash (I'm sorry, but I love it), and vegetables of the day.’
    • ‘Add chicken stock, season with salt, pepper, sugar and oyster sauce, thickening the sauce slightly with adding potato starch.’
    • ‘It sort of like eating apple pie without the vanilla ice cream, stir frying mixed vegetables without oyster sauce, and stewing curry lamb without fresh coconut.’
    • ‘Add half the spring onion, the mushrooms, pepper, chilli sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce and mushroom water.’
    • ‘A wide range of spicy sauces like chilly bean sauce, hoisin sauce and garlic oyster sauce are a must with the food and accompaniments like steamed/fried rice and mixed hakka noodles.’


oyster sauce