Definition of oyster mushroom in English:

oyster mushroom


  • A widely distributed edible fungus with a greyish-brown oyster-shaped cap and a very short or absent stem, growing on the wood of broadleaved trees and causing rot.

    Pleurotus ostreatus, family Pleurotaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    • ‘This evening I served the steak with pak choi, oyster mushrooms, snow peas, slow roasted tomatoes, soya and lime vinaigrette and horseradish oil.’
    • ‘For example the oyster fungus, often called the oyster mushroom, has a very short, offset stem.’
    • ‘Trish McKeggie has been growing shitake and oyster mushrooms for the past six years.’
    • ‘Specialities are locally-grown oyster mushrooms and Northumberland Hill lamb.’
    • ‘The chicken spring rolls wrapped in seaweed and duck with oyster mushrooms are especially recommended.’
    • ‘I had a plenty of dried mushrooms including porcini, black trumpet, and oyster mushrooms, as well as black truffles which I had sort of wondered what to do with.’
    • ‘Dip the oyster mushrooms in the turmeric and saffron purée to coat well.’
    • ‘The assortment platter of warm appetizers is packed with flavour and includes grilled slices of veggies - mainly eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, sweet onion and oyster mushrooms.’
    • ‘On my previous visit I had chosen the Grilled portobello and oyster mushrooms with leeks and Teleme cheese.’
    • ‘For instance, oyster mushrooms and straw mushrooms can be grown on the flat plains all through the year.’
    • ‘A mound of baby spinach is studded with yellow and red cherry tomatoes and laced with thick bacon-y bits of pancetta, roasted shiitake and oyster mushrooms in warm sherry vinaigrette.’
    • ‘We're equally enamored of the thin egg noodles in a fragrant shrimp-lemongrass broth, floating like a moat around an island of oyster mushrooms and baby spinach, crowned with tempura shrimp.’
    • ‘Add oyster mushrooms and return steak to pan, then add a dash of Cognac or Brandy and tilt pan towards naked flame to ignite alcohol.’
    • ‘She's an expert at finding edible mushrooms and once sent over a bag of freshly collected oyster mushrooms.’
    • ‘I would have been very happy with either the Parmesan potato cake with oyster mushrooms or the rocket pancakes filled with tomato fondue and mozzarella.’
    • ‘Blue Valley Gardens brings about a dozen crops to market each year - broiler chickens and eggs, strawberries, Shiitake and oyster mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, garlic and herbs.’
    • ‘Stamets is now a co-investigator on a grant proposal Abrams is authoring on the anti-HIV properties of oyster mushrooms.’
    • ‘Like oyster mushrooms, morels taste better in a small amount of butter than in olive oil, but again, don't overdo it.’
    • ‘Separated from the poisonous ones, the edible mushrooms were all fat and juicy: button-caps, worm-threads, even oyster mushrooms.’
    • ‘The ravioli of oyster mushrooms and smoked Gubeen cheese in a rosemary and hazelnut cream was pricey enough at €10, but was a superb combination of flavour and texture.’


oyster mushroom