Definition of oxtail in English:



mass noun
  • Meat from the tail of a cow, used for making soup.

    as modifier ‘oxtail soup’
    • ‘Just the other day, they made some ravioli stuffed with oxtail.’
    • ‘Bring a saucepan of water to a simmer and heat oxtail for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘You'll find many good pairings - steaks, roast lamb and any other ‘red’ meats and those occasions you find yourself eating oxtail.’
    • ‘The restaurant will be called The Victory, and will serve a traditional menu, with items like bobotie and oxtail.’
    • ‘Follow that with steamed oxtail, beef and veal kidney pudding with roast shallots and buttered carrots.’
    • ‘The dish: a roasted sea scallop with serrano ham, braised oxtail, picholine olives, sweet garlic purée and crispy artichokes.’
    • ‘It was as tender and succulent as any oxtail I can remember.’
    • ‘Braised oxtail is a well-known example in England.’
    • ‘But don't forget oxtail and tongue, both of which will probably need to be ordered specially.’
    • ‘In the nourishing-winter-stew category, my favorite dish was a mass of oxtail sandwiched among layers of ravioli skins, with two pieces of seared monkfish on top.’
    • ‘There's also oxtail on the menu, as well as rice pilau, and, if you call ahead, the owner will make ginger beer.’
    • ‘Of course, it's quite impossible to live without roast rib of beef (of which more on Friday) and braised oxtail.’
    • ‘A difficult matter, lots of choice - from braised oxtail to brill - and everything sounded so delicious’
    • ‘Place oxtail in a non-reactive dish and add herbs de Provence, chili sauce and olive oil.’
    • ‘Midas' mom, who has had my oxtail and my stew peas, told me to open a restaurant!’
    • ‘Add the beef stock and oxtail to the stock pot as well, and place on a stovetop over medium heat.’
    • ‘Don't be put off by the fact that they take a while to prepare, for comfort food is also about anticipation, about transforming some unpromising raw oxtail into a rich, delicious stew.’
    • ‘Add the chili pepper, peppercorns, oxtail, wine, and vinegar.’
    • ‘I love their beautiful rich soup which has shreds of oxtail in it.’
    • ‘On the third dish, place a warm piece of oxtail served with an oxtail-filled wonton.’