Definition of oxpecker in English:



  • A brown African bird related to the starlings, feeding on parasites that infest the skins of large grazing mammals.

    Genus Buphagus, family Sturnidae (or Buphagidae): two species

    • ‘I have been involved with redbilled oxpeckers since 1996, when the project to bring them into our area started.’
    • ‘We were on our second day, descended a hill when we spotted four redbilled oxpeckers riding a white rhino, busily probing folds of skin, ears and even nostrils for ticks, their primary food source.’
    • ‘Then of course there were redbilled oxpeckers riding a white rhino and de-ticking as only oxpeckers know how.’
    • ‘Clouds of oxpeckers chirp above the buffalo, while cattle egrets, a series of white splashes, rise and fall at their feet.’
    • ‘The red-billed oxpecker keeps ticks and other vermin from the skin.’