Definition of oxic in English:



  • (of a process or environment) in which oxygen is involved or present.

    • ‘Thus, deposition graded gradually from anoxic environments below the storm wave base to oxic environments above the storm wave base.’
    • ‘Virtually all organisms that survive in oxic environments, whether they are capable of aerobic or anaerobic lifestyles or both, contain enzymes that convert reactive oxygen intermediates to innocuous compounds.’
    • ‘A recently described unicellular chlorophytic alga isolated from meromictic Mono Lake, California, occupies a niche that spans two environments: the upper oxic mixolimnion and the deeper anoxic and highly reducing monimolimnion.’
    • ‘Some groups of marine bacteria within the proteobacteria are capable of anoxygenic photosynthesis in oxic environments.’
    • ‘Degradation of dissolved organic matter in oxic and anoxic lake water’


1960s: from ox(ide) or ox(ygen) + -ic.