Definition of oxbow lake in English:

oxbow lake


  • A curved lake formed from a horseshoe bend in a river where the main stream has cut across the narrow end and no longer flows around the loop of the bend.

    • ‘South Moravia is home to extensive marshes, oxbow lakes and the largest fragments of hardwood floodplain forest in Central Europe.’
    • ‘In a familiar oxbow lake, there were gallinules and egrets, even a couple of brightly colored wood ducks and five blue-winged teal.’
    • ‘Just across the Mobile County line, pine plantations yield to a primeval landscape of moss-draped trees and oxbow lakes.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a small family of endangered giant river otters lolls gracefully in a protected area of an oxbow lake nearby.’
    • ‘Hereabouts the river meanders; there is a hint of an oxbow lake.’