Definition of oxbow in English:



  • 1A loop formed by a horseshoe bend in a river.

    • ‘Most of the lakes of Jammu & Kashmir are remnants of ancient oxbows created by numerous rivers as they meandered within the valleys.’
    • ‘Population A was located adjacent to an oxbow of the Bowie River, in Forest County, Mississippi.’
    • ‘In essence, the stream follows a lower, more confined route, whilst a series of meandering high-level oxbows provide convenient bypasses.’
    • ‘Here the river is fabulous, clear and convoluted, with ponds jammed with yellow flag irises where there are springs or oxbows.’
    • ‘After Neef and Bullay, the Mosel forms a characteristic oxbow, passing the town of Zell and leading into the Bereich Bernkastel.’
    1. 1.1
      short for oxbow lake
      • ‘Horseshoe Lake was an oxbow of the Mississippi River.’
      • ‘The minnow's range likely ebbed as insulated oxbows and shallow pools gradually disappeared.’
  • 2A U-shaped collar of an ox-yoke.

    • ‘It is held on the animals' necks by an oxbow, usually U-shaped, that also transmits force from the animals' shoulders.’
    • ‘A yoke is a heavy wooden frame or oxbow used to harness a team of oxen.’