Definition of ox tongue in English:

ox tongue


  • 1mass noun Meat from the tongue of a cow.

    ‘braised ox tongue’
    • ‘A woman said the idea of cooking up ox tongue was revolting.’
    • ‘Looking momentarily astonished, she suggests the confit of new season garlic with goat's cheese to start, followed by salted ox tongue - a dish I have assiduously avoided since school dinners.’
    • ‘To serve, spoon some salad into a salad plate and arrange some ox tongue and ciabatta on top.’
    • ‘The feet and trunk are of the greatest culinary interest: their flesh which is muscular and gelatinous resembles ox tongue.’
    • ‘First came the 34-year-old chutney pickle, now a tin of South American ox tongue dating back to a Leeds wedding in 1949 has been unearthed.’
  • 2An Old World plant of the daisy family with yellow dandelion-like flowers and prickly hairs on the stem and leaves.

    Genus Picris, family Compositae

    • ‘The ox tongue is in blossom during June and July; all the florets of the flower-heads, as in the dandelion, are of a rich golden yellow.’
    • ‘Bristly ox tongue is a coarse, rough annual plant that grows about 1 meter high.’