Definition of owner in English:



  • A person who owns something:

    ‘the proud owner of a huge Dalmatian’
    ‘restaurant owners’
    • ‘So all dog owners are asked to make sure that it is not their pet which is doing the damage.’
    • ‘As such a new agreement with the owners would have to be done for a period of two years.’
    • ‘This led the owner to spend quite a bit of money in medical expenses on the injured dog.’
    • ‘The owners were assured that horses cannot contract the disease although they can carry it.’
    • ‘It is like a savings scheme but it means that the owners of the properties aren't landed with a large bill.’
    • ‘However, his proud owners are hoping he will follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and win big.’
    • ‘Bar and restaurant owners have signed up staff for courses on how to deal better with customers.’
    • ‘The owner is a banker who has a number of banks but refuses to pay the workers money owed.’
    • ‘If her owners are not traced soon a new home will have to be found for her.’
    • ‘Where are the natty details, the pleasing little touches that make you proud to be an owner?’
    • ‘The owners of a village pub and restaurant have sold up and are heading off to Spain.’
    • ‘The only problem is that the owner of the ticket may not be aware of his or her success.’
    • ‘Each owner had a say in the design and therefore no house is quite the same as the next.’
    • ‘If you reserve seats in a restaurant and don't turn up it can be serious for the restaurant owner.’
    • ‘Private landlords often play a key role in encouraging other owners to get work done.’
    • ‘Pub landlords and club owners claim a ban will ruin trade and could lead to the loss of jobs.’
    • ‘The new law is designed for businesses which occupy premises, and not property owners.’
    • ‘Now Tom and his landlady mum Rebecca are asking for the rightful owner to contact them.’
    • ‘The super pooches brought back a clutch of gongs, to the delight of their proud owners.’
    • ‘Mr Day says it is clear that the onus is on the owners of the animals to keep them out of the park.’
    possessor, holder, proprietor, proprietress, homeowner, freeholder, landlord, landlady, master, mistress, keeper
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