Definition of owing in English:



  • predicative (of money) yet to be paid.

    ‘no rent was owing’
    • ‘But this still leaves money owing not to the courts or police but to you and me, as taxpayers, and to victims of crime.’
    • ‘There were years however, that the Day Book indicates that Rent for the Grant cottage was owing and unpaid, particularly from 1973 to 1977 inclusive.’
    • ‘This means that laid-off staff have to queue up with all other unsecured creditors for whatever percentage of moneys owing is paid out after the Inland Revenue Department is satisfied.’
    • ‘The teachers met with the Highlands branch of the PNG Teachers Association and resolved that if salaries owing were not paid by the specified date they would instigate legal action and withdraw their services.’
    • ‘The service for which the alleged debt was said to be owing was what kind of service?’
    • ‘The purchaser's share of the taxes owing was adjusted on closing date.’
    • ‘It is deemed to continue, moreover, until the conclusion of enforcement proceedings in which the amount of any damages owing is calculated.’
    • ‘A popular legal redundancy is that a debt is ‘due, owing and unpaid.’’
    • ‘The amount now owing is $1421,731.50 and further interest payable on the judgment debt.’
    unpaid, unsettled, to be paid, payable, receivable, due, overdue, undischarged, owed, outstanding, in arrears, in the red
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For an explanation of the difference between owing to and due to, see due


  • owing to

    • Because of or on account of.

      ‘his reading was hesitant owing to a stammer’
      • ‘Of course, there were also policies to cover personal accidents and loss owing to fire.’
      • ‘One of the buses on Wednesday night, owing to engine trouble, got held up at Mountfalcon.’
      • ‘We only ever got as far as a turkey farm six miles down the road, and it took over four hours to get there owing to the fact that neither of us knew how to drive a lorry.’
      • ‘This may be owing to low awareness about the hazardous side effects of adulterated food on our health.’
      • ‘This sentiment will seem less of a cliche to us than to other classes, owing to the tragic events of the past year.’
      • ‘There was an interruption of three or four months owing to his father's death.’
      • ‘It was revived after it was forced to suspend publication a few years ago owing to political reasons.’
      • ‘However, this was put on the backburner owing to difficult market conditions at that time.’
      • ‘However, throughout the world, the cost of fish has increased owing to reduced yields.’
      • ‘Television prices have come down rapidly owing to keen competition in the industry.’
      because of, as a result of, on account of, on grounds of, due to, as a consequence of, thanks to, through, by reason of, by virtue of, in virtue of, for the sake of, in view of, after, following, in the wake of
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