Definition of ovoid in English:



  • 1(of a solid or a three-dimensional surface) more or less egg-shaped.

    • ‘They consisted of a closed smooth membrane and were round, ovoid, or irregular in shape.’
    • ‘Their abdomens are variable in shape being triangular, round to ovoid to elongate, sometimes extending tail-like past the spinnerets.’
    • ‘Three flowerpots rest on an ovoid surface, perhaps a ceramic tray or table top whose legs have vanished.’
    • ‘These inclusions appeared round in transverse and ovoid in longitudinal sections.’
    • ‘Flickers of reds, yellows and orange emerge from the depths, and the strange ovoid canvases reflect the surface while hovering over it.’
    bulging, round, fat, rotund, swollen, spherical, swelling, distended, bloated, protuberant, convex, pear-shaped, bulb-shaped, balloon-shaped
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    1. 1.1 (of a plane figure) oval, especially with one end more pointed than the other.
      oval, egg-shaped, elliptic, ovate, oviform, ellipsoidal
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  • An ovoid body or surface.

    • ‘The opening at the blunt terminus of the glacier is a massive black ovoid, 25 feet tall and 40 feet across.’
    • ‘The most emotionally moving and evocative rooms contain the ovoids - egg or face shaped sculptures which are quite overwhelming in their minimalist perfection.’
    • ‘And the ovoids, too small to hold the molecules needed to carry out the chemical reactions of life, are just chance deposits with interesting shapes.’
    • ‘By contrast, the Riesling turned out to be the perfect accompaniment for my main course: a thick slice of roast pork loin, with roast apples and parsnips, and a generous ovoid of buttery mashed potatoes.’
    • ‘Passing Bell is an eerie composition of fossil-gray verticals supporting gray, red and purple ovoids, punctuated with shocks of orange.’
    ball, pellet, pill, globule, spheroid, spherule, sphere, oval, orb, round, pearl
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Early 19th century: from French ovoïde, from modern Latin ovoides, from Latin ovum ‘egg’.