Definition of overwrite in English:



  • 1Write on top of (other writing)

    ‘many names had been scratched out or overwritten’
    • ‘A 5th-cent. manuscript of these lectures, the most substantial legal work of the Principate to survive, was discovered in Verona in 1816 overwritten by later writing.’
    • ‘And then I overwrite a 3 page decision with a phone list.’
    1. 1.1Computing Destroy (data) by entering new data in its place.
      ‘an entry stating who is allowed to overwrite the file’
      • ‘Write data segments stored in the first portion may be overwritten and the writing thereof to disk may be delayed according to a predetermined delayed writing policy.’
      • ‘The attacks also used a controversial Internet Explorer feature that permits local HTML documents to create or overwrite files on a user's computer.’
      • ‘Another flaw, also in Oracle Reports, could allow an attacker to overwrite files on the targeted server.’
      • ‘It wasn't going out to delete data or overwrite files.’
      • ‘The software scrambles the file by overwriting the data with random characters that make it impossible to retrieve.’
    2. 1.2
      another term for overtype
      • ‘So it was a very ambitious thing, and sort of set the template for how we do the show now, which is just overwrite it, and boil it down and reduce it until we get the densest 32-page script we can.’
      • ‘It appears MSNBC simply overwrote the old story with the new one, using the exact same file name.’
      • ‘The recipient can the either review the changes or overwrite the previous address card.’
      • ‘This way, when we type another word for search, the existing one will automatically be overwritten.’
  • 2Write too elaborately or ornately.

    ‘there is a tendency to overwrite their parts and fall into cliché’
    • ‘One suggested that it lacked ‘both the absolute verbal precision and slight tendency to overwriting that characterise much of his work’.’
    • ‘He has a tendency to overwrite and he gorges on gimmickry.’
    • ‘If I was proud of a phrase or a particular paragraph, well, my pride was probably a sign that I'd overwritten.’
    • ‘I do believe new writers have a tendency to overwrite and to overwrite really badly.’
    • ‘The sentence is an example of the author's tendency to overwrite, and to let his thoughts get obscured by mixed metaphors and convoluted syntax.’
    overwritten, extravagant, florid, grandiose, pompous, over-elaborate, flowery, overwrought, overripe, pretentious, high-flown, turgid, bombastic, oratorical, grandiloquent, magniloquent, orotund
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  • 3usually as noun overwritingno object (in insurance) accept more risk than the premium income limits allow.