Definition of overwater in English:



[with object]
  • Water (a plant, lawn, etc.) too much.

    ‘your cutting needs some water, but make sure you don't overwater it’
    • ‘However, the gradual loss of the foliage from your plant suggests that it has been overwatered.’
    • ‘If rains or overwatering continues, the fungus can spread to the base of the plant and it can die.’
    • ‘Many rhododendrons have been killed by overwatering in sites where drainage was faulty.’
    • ‘Just as one can overwater a flower, one can overattend a relationship.’
    • ‘Keep the turf cut at about 3 inches, leave clippings to recycle organic matter, and avoid overwatering.’
    • ‘This is NOT a good idea, as potted plants will die from overwatering more than any other reason.’
    • ‘Your best bet, if this is your problem, is to plant in well-draining soil, avoid overwatering and place in sun.’
    • ‘The second year I compensated and overwatered the plant.’
    • ‘At the same time, be sure your plant is not getting too much water, either by overwatering or being planted in a soil that does not properly drain.’
    • ‘It is sensitive to overwatering and poor drainage.’
    • ‘Then an enthusiastic student inadvertently overwatered the colony just before a weekend, leaving a flood inside the termites' box.’
    • ‘Do not let the plant become too dry, but avoid overwatering.’
    • ‘That said, one of the most common ways of killing an orchid is by overwatering.’
    • ‘If planting one without a drainage hole, you'll need to be careful about overwatering while the bulbs are forming their roots.’
    • ‘If the leaves appear soft or mushy, they may have been overwatered and are not likely to survive after being transplanted.’
    • ‘Spray to keep the medium moist until germination, but avoid overwatering to discourage fungal diseases.’
    • ‘Some parts of these slightly rolling irrigated fields were being overwatered by as much as 20 percent.’
    • ‘When your potting soil is kept continuously moist by overwatering, the fungi attack your seedlings.’
    • ‘Remember, hydrangeas don't want to be soggy or overwatered - just nice and moist!’
    • ‘Drain holes prevent overwatering and help provide air circulation necessary for healthy plant growth.’


  • Situated or taking place above water.

    ‘the airline is to initiate long-haul overwater operations’
    • ‘The main large overwater bungalow that you arrive back to incorporates reception, the restaurant, the lagoon-side bar and lounge and the occasionally open gift shop.’
    • ‘To reduce the strain of long overwater flights, a General Electric C-I auto pilot was installed in the cockpit and proved to be very useful.’
    • ‘The 6th Cavalry Brigade's overwater mission is one of the largest recurring joint and combined training programs.’
    • ‘The failure might have been delayed until the power pull or an even more precarious position like an overwater hover.’
    • ‘Next morning, before we sail for Bora Bora, we take our dinghy farther up Haamene Bay to an overwater hut that we've been assured produces Tahiti's most prized souvenir, the black pearl.’
    • ‘Le Meridien has 12 overwater bungalows that come at a premium but which are right on that reef and have the best views of Moorea across the lagoon.’
    • ‘From that point, the big adventure started and the Box headed for the Azores - an overwater jaunt of about 1600-mi at a cruise speed of about 140-kt.’
    • ‘The happy couple were spotted in Tahiti Monday, swimming, splashing around and doing cannon balls off an overwater bungalow.’
    • ‘Incidentally, the longest overwater route in the world is the stretch between the U.S. mainland and Hawaii.’
    • ‘However, because of its long overwater migration strategy, Blackpoll Warblers presumably use certain key fattening sites before the main overwater flight begins.’
    • ‘However, Pan American decided they did not want to operate twin-engine aircraft on their long overwater flights and dropped their interest in the DF.’
    • ‘They create a harmonious landscape, with overwater bungalows perched above a sparkling lagoon, emphasizing the obvious: that Bora is more water than land.’
    • ‘Soldiers can participate in conventional tactical operations as well as more unconventional, overwater joint and combined training and operations in the East and West Seas.’
    • ‘Its overwater bungalows are strung out like a string of shiny, dark Tahitian pearls in front of a half-mile stretch of vanilla-coloured sand.’
    • ‘I echoed those sentiments, and we began a 10-minute dialogue, not only within our crew but also with the tower flower, regarding the pros and cons of conducting overwater flight with passengers in handcuffs.’
    • ‘A world away from this almost bohemian atmosphere is the very smart Le Méridien, a complex of 138 rooms and suites and a dozen overwater bungalows about ten miles from town.’
    • ‘From here a web of walkways spiders back out across the languid waters of the lagoon, leading to 82 swanky overwater bungalows.’
    • ‘Very few other aircraft have the range, carrying capacity or overwater capabilities of the Sea King.’
    • ‘One member of the junior Army team came close to setting a new record for the ADFA overwater obstacle course, which had instructors and observers gob-smacked.’
    • ‘When Thera erupted, the Minoans would have been clobbered by tsunamis, overwater pyroclastic flows, and fires from oil lamps knocked over by the eruption's shockwave.’