Definition of overtrain in English:



  • (especially with reference to an athlete) train or cause to train excessively:

    [no object] ‘it's better to undertrain than to overtrain, which leads to staleness’
    [with object] ‘the team overtrained their young players’
    • ‘This can lead to overtraining, which can halt or even diminish your gains.’
    • ‘Even if you're performing only moderate amounts of it, aerobics could potentially lead to fatigue or overtraining.’
    • ‘It's always better to undertrain than to overtrain.’
    • ‘It's more likely that you're undertraining them rather than overtraining them.’
    • ‘This is a huge game and we have had to resist the temptation to overtrain.’
    • ‘He learnt by his mistakes by forgetting last season's infatuation with the flat backline and by not overtraining his players this time.’
    • ‘Train with intensity, but don't overtrain because that will negatively impact your appearance.’
    • ‘Such injury can occur due to overtraining and excessive resistance or use of improper form in performing the exercise.’
    • ‘Be careful not to overtrain your clients, especially those who are new to weight training.’
    • ‘One of the hardest things to avoid when you really get into working out is overtraining.’
    • ‘Trends in a progressively increasing resting heart rate should also be noted as this is often a sign that the body is overtrained or over-reaching.’
    • ‘While you can't overtrain, it is possible to underrecuperate.’
    • ‘You might also be training too often, leading to overtraining, which is much more likely to tear down muscle tissue than to build it.’
    • ‘Weight-bearing exercise such as running, although important for developing bone density, can be extremely detrimental to health improvements if the body overtrains.’
    • ‘I think this happened because I overtrained one particular technique at home - the high roundhouse kick.’
    • ‘Another member of the Lions has criticised tour management for overtraining the squad following the second Test defeat by Australia.’
    • ‘Going any longer than that can lead to overtraining.’
    • ‘Doing so regularly would invariably lead to overtraining.’
    • ‘However, I feel too much full-stroke breaststroke can lead to overtraining.’
    • ‘Just as it's possible to overtrain another bodypart, so is it possible to overtrain your abdominals.’