Definition of overtired in English:



  • See overtire

    • ‘Perhaps you're feeling overtired and overwrought after work, your boss has been shouting at you all day and you've got a date coming over for supper?’
    • ‘Overweight, overtired and overwrought with grief, Duncan presented an excessively undisciplined body.’
    • ‘As I changed into a fluffy spa robe, my overtired mind was still buzzing with the business of life.’
    • ‘I found this comparison amusing, comparing me to an overtired child since I really am nothing but a flailing infant pretending to be a grown up.’
    • ‘Once you have taken your seat on a train, safety is completely out of your hands, unless you are the overtired, underpaid person whose job it is to spot all the signals cleverly hidden in the overhead gear.’