Definition of overtip in English:



[with object]
  • Give an excessively generous tip to.

    ‘the food was so cheap that I overtipped the waitress’
    • ‘Aunt Elsa was still at the door, overtipping the delivery men, and Dad Matheson had claimed one of the kitchen chairs and was sipping tap water from a mug.’
    • ‘Matt overtipped him, having already offered to carry one of the bags himself.’
    • ‘We were received with the effusiveness usually secured only by having previously overtipped on a Proustian scale.’
    • ‘Arriving in gringo alley, I overtipped the cab driver since the funds fell out of Gatlin's deep pockets.’
    • ‘I get a kick out of overtipping people who usually don't get any tip at all, like the girl at the ice-cream counter.’