Definition of overthrust in English:



mass nounGeology
  • The thrust of one series of rock strata over another, especially along a fault line at a shallow angle to the horizontal.

    • ‘He showed that the great dislocation beneath the Moine Schists was an overthrust, but left open the question of what the original nature of the Moines had been.’
    • ‘It is true, of course, that some ‘overthrusts’ do exhibit evidence of brecciation and other such indicators of relative movement.’


[with object]Geology
  • Force (a body of rock) over another.

    ‘the increased overburden resulting from overthrusting’
    • ‘The rocks are asymmetrically folded and overthrust to the west, with chaotic units and abundant evidence for coeval soft-sediment deformation.’
    • ‘Similar thrust ridges bring tilted Neogene red beds to the surface near the northern margin of the Adak valley and indicate that the valley is being overthrust on both its north and south sides.’
    • ‘The thickness of this package of sediments is impossible to measure because of the subsequent folding and overthrusting that have taken place.’
    • ‘The thickness of Cenozoic alluvial fill that is overthrust at the South Karlik Tagh front is poorly constrained, and thus the amount of shortening on that bounding fault is a minimum estimate.’
    • ‘Shear sense indicators suggest overthrusting towards the WNW to NNW.’