Definition of overthink in English:



[with object]
  • Think about (something) too much or for too long.

    ‘I tend to overthink situations and problems in my life’
    no object ‘he doesn't make snap decisions, but he doesn't overthink either’
    • ‘I wouldn't overthink this one; just pick what you like.’
    • ‘Try to be as true to your opinion as possible and don't over think it.’
    • ‘I think you may be overthinking this one a bit, Eric.’
    • ‘My therapist thinks I over think things.’
    • ‘I try not to over think the questions.’
    • ‘And, like others have said, don't overthink - just enjoy!’
    • ‘This year we looked for music that I can feel comfortable with and tell a story which helps me not to over think my elements.’
    • ‘Rosa says I am too smart for my own good and that I tend to over think things.’
    • ‘Portia laments how foolish all of her suitors are, trying to over think the puzzle.’
    • ‘And he didn't try to combine elements or overthink the cartoon.’
    • ‘Often smart people tend be more passive because they over-think things.’
    • ‘However, I do get frustrated by what I would call an epidemic of overthinking everything.’
    • ‘The switch seemed to cause Carey to overthink his assignments.’
    • ‘That is further proof the team lacks a fearsome defender… The coaching staff appears to overthink situations.’
    • ‘This latest feature is a good example of the dangers of over-thinking a problem.’
    • ‘Then one night, relaxing in front of the television, I realized I was overthinking the matter.’
    • ‘No, now he was over thinking things.’
    • ‘But sometimes we need a gentle reminder not to overthink our music.’
    • ‘Don't try to force them or overthink them; just let them flow.’
    • ‘Don't overthink this, I said to myself, my head starting to spin.’