Definition of overstaffed in English:



  • Having more members of staff than are necessary.

    ‘government departments are always overstaffed’
    • ‘If this is the case, they should take workers from the city's overstaffed restaurants and train them up as sanitation supervisors.’
    • ‘During the last decade the council has let itself become over-committed, over-structured and, consequently, overstaffed.’
    • ‘One key issue has been that the councils are overstaffed.’
    • ‘Like all garrison schools, St Michael's expects a fluctuating intake, but with two bad years in a row, the school is now overstaffed and has been forced to make cuts.’
    • ‘He argued that the company was overstaffed, but the bus fleet had been declining over the past few years.’
    • ‘And, since they are not exactly overstaffed, no one ever is free.’
    • ‘The Regional and District Allocation of Resources review claimed Geraldton's police station was overstaffed, with 11 too many police officers.’
    • ‘It has been labelled hopelessly overstaffed by critics but these 17,000 officials work for 320 million people in the EU.’
    • ‘We are not overstaffed or over-resourced and so I would not see cuts taking place in Wiltshire as a result, but it could have severe repercussions in metropolitan areas.’
    • ‘I finally insisted she be seen by a geriatric psychiatrist - the overstaffed, underfunded home had barely noticed anything was wrong - and now she is taking tablets that soothe away some of the worst symptoms.’
    • ‘We opened bowling as the other team had only summoned seven players to our field, and as we were overstaffed with fielders I volunteered to sit out the first 10 overs at the scoreboard and rotate on at half-time.’
    • ‘Municipalities are not only overstaffed but inefficient too.’
    • ‘It is due to gross political interference in councils that today they are equally overstaffed.’
    • ‘The move, he said, comes after it emerged that one in four schools is officially overstaffed.’
    • ‘As a consequence of its former state ownership, the company is still overstaffed; reducing numbers will add to profits this year and next.’
    • ‘What has changed that these clubs are no longer viable and (apart from pruning savagely an absurdly overstaffed bunch of players) what can be done to turn things around?’
    • ‘For example, Union Square, which is a good distance from Madison Square Garden, usually seemed far overstaffed with police.’
    • ‘This left many banks seriously overstaffed when business volumes began to dry up.’
    • ‘So overstaffed is this particular operation that the rubbish is not simply swept away.’
    • ‘There are a number of support areas which we recognise are overstaffed.’