Definition of overshot in English:




  • 1(of a waterwheel) turned by water falling on to it from a channel.

    • ‘The overshot wheel is the most common wheel seen in North America. It is a gravity wheel. This means that it harnesses the force of gravity acting vertically on the water as it travels from the top to the bottom of the wheel.’
    • ‘The mill was demolished after the First World War. It had an overshot waterwheel of 15 feet diameter.’
    • ‘On some estates, larger, more powerful mills with as many as three linked vertical overshot wheels were used.’
  • 2Denoting an upper jaw which projects beyond the lower jaw.

    • ‘If your dog has an undershot or an overshot jaw typically it is not a cause for alarm unless it is making your dog uncomfortable.’
    • ‘I've had an overshot jaw for most my life, and it hasn't bothered me.’