Definition of overshoot the mark in English:

overshoot the mark


  • Go beyond what is intended or acceptable.

    • ‘Experienced designers smartly eschew loud and self-conscious types whereas the public overshoots the mark in an effort to find something novel.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for Ellis, he overshot the mark.’
    • ‘He's obviously become bored, has tried to come up with a fresh approach, and has overshot the mark by quite some distance.’
    • ‘But the proposed revisions overshoot the mark, and in the guise of modernizing the rules, they strip away overtime protections for millions of workers.’
    • ‘One danger of disingenuous posturing is a tendency to overshoot the mark.’
    • ‘It succeeds in adding depth and texture to the album, but sometimes overshoots the mark.’
    • ‘It is far more doubtful whether any system of public coercion can respond to those cases without overshooting the mark and creating collateral disabilities of its own.’
    • ‘In their attempt to adopt the norm of this group, they manifest their aspirations of upward social mobility, but they overshoot the mark.’
    • ‘And as we did that, we overshot the mark in repricing - so now our margins are down, and our share is up.’
    • ‘Somehow, I believe, such interpretation both falls short of and overshoots the mark.’