Definition of overshirt in English:



  • A loose shirt worn over other garments.

    ‘she was dressed in jeans, desert boots, and a big plaid overshirt’
    • ‘He had two pairs of pants, blue jeans and black jeans, both of which matched his overshirt, so he wore either as he chose.’
    • ‘I slipped into bed, not bothering to change out of my skirt, just pulled the overshirt off and slept in my skirt and spaghetti top.’
    • ‘The atmosphere is laid back, as is the owner Jose, who moves around greeting everyone in his trademark overshirt, surrounded by an air of bonhomie.’
    • ‘I shook my head and changed into a pair of black jeans and a white tanktop which I covered with a black overshirt.’
    • ‘I had started wearing flannel overshirts and even adopted some Newfoundland slang.’
    • ‘Daniel had taken off his troublesome glasses but was still dressed in his army green pants and overshirt with a black T-shirt underneath.’
    • ‘She mentally slapped herself for thinking a tee shirt and overshirt would be warm coverings for a December day, even though she lived in a southern state.’
    • ‘I ended up with my hoodie over my t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt over a tank top, with an overshirt in the backpack my mom made me bring with.’
    • ‘His blonde hair was spiked up in front and he was wearing khaki shorts, a beater with a Hawaiian overshirt and sandals.’
    • ‘Travis mumbled a few words as he passed by the living room and tossed his drenched overshirt in a pile of dirty clothes.’
    • ‘I slipped off my jeans and my light blue overshirt and got under the covers.’
    • ‘His denim overshirt rippled with the draft of his movements.’
    • ‘They didn't say anything about shoulders and backs, so I figured that spaghetti straps, halters, and strapless tops were okay, but I took an overshirt just in case.’
    • ‘With a plain black shirt, black shorts, and an orange overshirt, Carly more resembled a well-mannered teenager than a lunatic sports fan.’
    • ‘In ten minutes more Jurgis had pulled off his coat and overshirt, and set his teeth together and gone to work.’
    • ‘The only difference was his attire - a blue and black plaid button-up overshirt, white tee shirt underneath, black jeans and tennis shoes.’
    • ‘As he pulled on his overshirt, he caught sight of the keyhole tattoo on his left hand.’
    • ‘Russell watched expectantly while I changed into the clothes I had placed in the side pocket of the pack: thick jeans, a thermal undershirt, the flannel overshirt with the rip in the elbow that Kira had mended for me twice already.’
    • ‘Many families are forced to buy used clothing at the markets; children typically wear T-shirts, shorts, and loose cotton overshirts for everyday wear.’