Definition of overset in English:



[with object]dated
  • 1Overturn.

    ‘he overset the primus stove while cooking his supper’
    • ‘Her motion overset the ink bottle, flooding the seventh grain of rice.’
    • ‘The Scriv. overset his cucurbit of corn mash with a jaundiced expletive.’
    • ‘If, but only if, the SENT has gone wrong in law will the High Court overset its judgment.’
    • ‘‘She overset my trigonometry,’ Burns complained, ‘and set me off at a tangent from the sphere of my studies.’’
    • ‘One is that the reasoning in Enderby, on which it is explicitly founded, was overset by the European Court of Justice.’
    overturn, turn over, tip over, roll over, upturn, capsize, turn topsy-turvy
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  • 2Upset emotionally.

    ‘the small kindness nearly overset her again’
    • ‘He coughed, slightly overset by her uh, frank discussion of his private… matters.’
    • ‘‘Joel has overset her, altogether.’’
    • ‘The shock overset her not-too-well-balanced mind.’
    upset, overturn, topple over, turn over, throw over, knock over, push over, knock down, upend, invert, capsize, turn topsy-turvy
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