Definition of overscrupulous in English:



  • Excessively scrupulous.

    ‘life was often too difficult for working-class mothers to be overscrupulous’
    • ‘Maybe little children, like overscrupulous believers, see things that the rest of us do not.’
    • ‘But Papa and his partner Huna were not always overscrupulous in their business.’
    • ‘So we now get stories such as that of an army's nighttime panic when the imagination produces non-existent enemies or a theologically significant animal fable about an overscrupulous ass and a self-serving wolf.’
    • ‘But they were blocked by overscrupulous higher-ups who ‘want you to kill the guy, but not the guy next to him,’ as one of his sources in the military put it.’
    • ‘Luther always claimed to have been a good, if somewhat overscrupulous monk, and Lortz found no evidence whatever to doubt his claim.’
    scrupulous, precise, exact, over-exacting, perfectionist, precisionist, punctilious, meticulous, fussy, fastidious, finical, finicky
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