Definition of overrule in English:



  • 1Reject or disallow by exercising one's superior authority.

    ‘Chief Judge Moran overruled the government's objections’
    • ‘But that's no excuse for overruling a law that not only is legitimate, but also extraordinarily popular.’
    • ‘The Act allows the Commons to overrule the Lords if it rejects a piece of legislation approved by MPs in two successive sessions.’
    • ‘All of this, of course, is separate from the issue of the president overruling a federal statute by executive order - something that by definition a president cannot do.’
    • ‘The recommendation still has to be considered by the Police Authority on February 13, which could technically overrule the group.’
    • ‘A Presidential veto may be overruled by Parliament, provided there are 160 votes in support of such a motion.’
    • ‘A number of Northern Ireland parties have expressed concerns that the referendum is capable of overruling the Good Friday Agreement.’
    • ‘For a start, international trade treaties that give corporations the power to overrule national regulations and cancel import tariffs need to be rewritten or scrapped.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister should act now to overrule his official, and withdraw the request for prosecution.’
    • ‘But my greater concern is not with the immediate facts of this case as much as it is the precedent, of overruling the state courts, of politicizing a tragic family situation.’
    • ‘In reality, the government had the power under the Law to veto or overrule any attempt by the workforce to hamper the privatization process by withdrawing their consent.’
    • ‘Under the constitution, to overrule a presidential veto requires a majority of the total number of MPs, meaning 121 of 240 MPs.’
    • ‘The court is sort of waiting, the Florida Supreme Court, to have some sense of whether this count is going to matter before it takes the step of overruling the Secretary of State.’
    • ‘There is some possibility under California law of the judge overruling the jury, but I think under the Supreme Court decision that just happened this summer, the end of the term in June, that wouldn't be upheld as constitutional.’
    • ‘Councillors overruling officer recommendations is not a new phenomenon and in a democracy the mechanism for such eventualities must always be there.’
    • ‘‘Article 63 of the Criminal Code stipulates any special law overrules a common law, so the press law should be used for this case,’ he said.’
    • ‘The real problem behind Tai-wan's UN bid is that the Security Council can overrule the General Assembly with the unilateral veto powers of its five permanent members.’
    • ‘Even so, I didn't like it that he'd overruled my objections.’
    • ‘Under the rules outlined by the Pentagon, in the unlikely case that a tribunal hands down an acquittal or a light sentence, US authorities can overrule it and impose their own judgment.’
    • ‘There you have a whole phalanx of state-owned media, which are mainly ‘self-governing’ in the sense that they have their own boards and bosses, and it is only really State House which they have to worry about overruling them.’
    • ‘However, this practice is becoming more rare, and a law was passed that gave authority to a state-appointed judge to overrule the wishes of the father in the event of an early marriage.’
    • ‘The European Court of Human Rights has already ruled that the Government was acting beyond its powers by overruling a judge's sentence.’
    countermand, cancel, reverse, rescind, repeal, revoke, retract, withdraw, take back, rule against, disallow, override, veto, set aside, quash, overturn, overthrow, repudiate, recant, annul, nullify, declare null and void, invalidate, negate, void, abrogate
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    1. 1.1 Reject the decision or opinion of.
      ‘welfare staff overruled an experienced detective’
      • ‘He tells his daughter to take her feet off the table before Karen overrules him, saying that a two-year-old can't understand that feet do not belong on the dinner table.’
      • ‘It does not have the power to overrule decisions, but can recommend executive members reconsider the issue.’
      • ‘This decision has never been overruled and remains binding upon me.’
      • ‘That decision may yet be overruled if enough clubs challenge it at the annual general meeting on May 30.’
      • ‘Thanks again to you all for your overwhelming support and be assured that no stone will be left unturned to overrule this bizarre decision by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.’
      • ‘Usually, of course, the question of overruling a prior decision won't arise.’
      • ‘And the upper management of the company, for whatever reason, would not or could not effectively overrule them.’
      • ‘They are also warning that they could stage a walkout after the governing body overruled a decision to expel the boy.’
      • ‘I objected right from the start, but he was the man of the house and his decisions overruled mine.’
      • ‘The referee overruled his linesman's offside flag.’
      • ‘One area where overruling this decision may have effect would be, for instance, in terms of local government rates, might it not?’
      • ‘It is not a matter of overruling the decision because, as I have said, it was based upon a different ground.’
      • ‘We were eager to have "separate but equal" explicitly overruled.’
      • ‘The US supreme court has both the power and, some say, the inclination, to intervene and overrule her decision to allow for factors such as the manual recount to be considered.’
      • ‘Each case is unique & should be looked on that way, if an individual has made their wishes known; no one else has the right to overrule that decision.’
      • ‘Even then the legislation would have survived only so long as the High Court did not overrule its favourable decision.’
      • ‘Her husband agrees, but of course self image overrules any outside opinion every time.’
      • ‘While inside, she informed the barman of their predicament, but he laughed at her and told her he could not overrule the doorman's decision.’
      • ‘It should be noted that a competent pregnant woman cannot be overruled on decisions that may adversely affect her unborn child.’
      • ‘Victoria Police state a subsequent risk assessment overruled the recommendation.’