Definition of overripe in English:



  • 1Too ripe; past its best.

    ‘overripe tomatoes’
    • ‘The section on overindulgence captures the well-known observation of drunken robins that have ingested too much overripe fruit.’
    • ‘Increasing temperatures in the French champagne-producing Epernay region are causing grapes to become overripe and too sweet, sparking fears the famous region may no longer be the best place for growing the grapes.’
    • ‘Allow the fruit to remain on the plant until fully mature (and a bit overripe, but not rotten).’
    • ‘I don't remember whose idea it was, but we began to pick the overripe mangoes and to throw them at the passing cars.’
    • ‘An intricate world of colour, geometric pattern and form, from the blackened seeds of overripe maize, to the strangely ephemeral beauty of a poppy about to burst into flower to the gorgeous spines of a sprig of rosemary.’
    • ‘My lips were split like a pair of overripe tomatoes.’
    • ‘The alcohol in overripe fruit makes wasps aggressive - they are the lager louts of the insect world.’
    • ‘If you want to make top-drawer Zinfandel, planting it in cooler hillside spots is essential, as is restricting its yield and picking before the grapes are overripe.’
    • ‘Once it turns clear, the tomato is overripe and flavor diminishes.’
    • ‘It's a light sauce, made with overripe bananas and stem ginger, that can be added to everything from cold meat to stir fry and sandwiches,’ says Isabella.’
    • ‘Some crops need to be picked everyday: zucchini grows gigantic if left on the vine and cherry tomatoes get overripe.’
    • ‘Lately, though, there has been so much low-hanging fruit that you can't take a step in any direction without bumping into an overripe mango.’
    • ‘For example, you can make a simple but tasty sauce from overripe cherry tomatoes, onions and garlic.’
    • ‘The two major sugars that accumulate in grapes occur in about equal amounts; at the beginning of ripening glucose exceeds fructose (up to fivefold), but in overripe grapes there is less glucose than fructose.’
    • ‘I couldn't taste fresh figs much, either - I might have used overripe figs and they might have gotten blended into the batter, perhaps.’
    • ‘One overzealous man even tried to sell him some overripe tomatoes once, and it took only one glare to send the man scurrying on his way.’
    • ‘Throw a couple overripe bananas (we call them giraffe bananas) in the blender along with some milk, plain yogurt and a couple of ice cubes.’
    • ‘Never mind about physiological ripeness, I have yet to meet a winemaker who is able to define what is meant by this term, for what is perfect in one vineyard is deemed overripe in another.’
    • ‘Zack wailed, mortified, his face turning red and giving him the appearance of an overripe tomato.’
    • ‘An overripe pear was hurled and left a brown smear on the upstairs window.’
    bad, gone bad, off, gone off, turned, curdled, fermented, rancid
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    1. 1.1 (especially of an artistic work) exaggerated or overblown.
      ‘an overripe melodrama’
      • ‘And above all, what if those bands aren't the overripe gods of the sixties and seventies, but the inescapable products of them, either in worship or in reaction or both?’
      • ‘The script is overripe, but give it time - I disliked this movie right after I turned off the TV, but since then I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.’
      • ‘Outside the recent and welcome burlesque revival, the concept of bawdy humour - something that's proud to be naughty and a little overripe in the interest of a plain old good time - has been largely absent from Toronto stages.’
      • ‘As for his poetry, it may be a little overripe in places.’
      • ‘The opulence of such clergy as were close to the court expressed itself in the overripe late Gothic of the great collegiate churches at Stirling, Linlithgow, Rosslyn, and Perth.’