Definition of override in English:


verboverridden, overrode

[with object]
Pronunciation /əʊvəˈrʌɪd/
  • 1Use one's authority to reject or cancel (a decision, view, etc.)

    ‘the courts will ultimately override any objections’
    • ‘The assistant county manager overrides this decision.’
    • ‘Upon further thought, I have to say that it worries me that a governor has the right to override a court's decision and to decide someone's fate.’
    • ‘The university senate at Zurich again rejected her application, but the Education Council now overrode the decision and appointed her the first female lecturer in the history of Swiss universities.’
    • ‘Even where the authority conducts a second-stage investigation and decides to permit or prohibit the merger, the minister may still override the decision.’
    • ‘Not only did he do that but he overrode the board's decision.’
    • ‘I feel that the County Manager will be forced by legislation to override the decision of the County Council and go ahead regardless.’
    • ‘The final decision of whether or not the test should be done is up to the judgment of clinicians; a court will not override their decision, regardless of the woman's wishes.’
    • ‘Then, what if the Congress overrode their decision?’
    • ‘The institution has been and continues to be rife with examples of imperious pastors operating on whim and arbitrarily overriding consensual decisions.’
    • ‘Your Honour, that would override the decision of this Court in Hoch.’
    • ‘It will establish a Council with the power to override court decisions and set aside previous convictions.’
    • ‘We cannot override the panel's decision, we can only make a recommendation.’
    • ‘The experience of others, therefore, provides no grounds for overriding my judgement.’
    • ‘The bill overrides a decision of the court, depriving those people of their right to access and to receive justice in that forum.’
    • ‘But they all contemplate that in some circumstances, a court may override a parent's decision about with whom their children may have relationships.’
    • ‘So far they have preferred not to open the road at weekends and it is difficult to override their decision.’
    • ‘In both it was accepted that, where the matter was a question of priorities determining which patients should be treated first, the courts could not override the decisions of the doctors.’
    • ‘Instead, their argument boils down to the contention that the hospital should have gone to Family Court if it sought to override their decision.’
    • ‘The capacity of the arbitration courts to maintain their jurisdiction was frequently tested by both sides, as well as by governments that frequently amended their powers, overrode their decisions, or created special tribunals.’
    • ‘Was it possible, for example, to let the computer perform while occasionally causing some change to the performance, in effect overriding the computer's decisions?’
    disallow, overrule, countermand, veto, set aside, quash, overturn, overthrow
    disregard, pay no heed to, take no account of, close one's mind to, turn a deaf ear to, discount, ignore, ride roughshod over, trample on
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    1. 1.1 Be more important than.
      ‘this commitment should override all other considerations’
      • ‘Extended families that are incredibly tightly bound are really the enemy of civil society because the alliances of family override any consideration of fairness to people in the larger society.’
      • ‘In all but four of the interviews, the creatives noted that pragmatic considerations override personal preferences and motives when creating ads.’
      • ‘In each case, motion comprises the work, yet the concept of motion and, often, motion contributed by the viewer, overrides the context and import of the original movement.’
      • ‘The men's desire to rejoin their families overrode other considerations of duty.’
      • ‘Poignant, moving and highly original, it taps into the heroic essence of Spencer's paintings while at the same time acknowledging a collective history which overrides imported values.’
      • ‘However, he warned that gimmicks could never override the importance of the top property buzzword: location.’
      • ‘Indeed the strength of early road alignments both east and west of the Walbrook was such that they overrode considerations of conformity with the later grid and survived through the Roman period.’
      • ‘They share an intensity and commitment that overrides vain posture.’
      • ‘In that case it would seem that consideration of profits overrode social responsibility.’
      • ‘Again, the President's unswerving commitment overrode all opposition.’
      • ‘The fact that they had opted to join the British Army overrode all considerations as to why they had become involved.’
      • ‘That commitment overrides any personal investment, making him an ideal collaborator for a field guide.’
      • ‘Then as now, the desire to connect overrode cultural considerations.’
      • ‘Military considerations overrode political ones in that instance at least.’
      • ‘It also considers the motives of both the British and French governments in the process, and concludes that in each case that the technological and political motives overrode economic considerations.’
      • ‘In colonial eyes, economic concerns overrode moral considerations.’
      • ‘The search for universals overrode the importance of the particular.’
      • ‘Going to greet the Commander when he came back was fine and dandy, but work always overrode everything else in importance.’
      • ‘For some of these firms, a high stock price was so critical to survival that the incentive to manage information for this purpose overrode the importance of future reputation.’
      • ‘The desire to have a baby overrode every other consideration.’
      outweigh, supersede, take precedence over, take priority over, be more important than, tip the balance against, tip the scales against, turn the balance against, turn the scales against, offset, cancel out, make up for, more than make up for, outbalance, overbalance, compensate for, redress
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  • 2Interrupt the action of (an automatic device), typically in order to take manual control.

    ‘you can override the cut-out by releasing the switch’
    • ‘I told her that it was made of nanomachines, and the nanomachines could breach any circuit within a conventional vehicle, and override any controls.’
    • ‘They say devices that would allow air traffic controllers to override the controls of a hijacked plane are close to development.’
    • ‘Again this is a situation where you need to override an automatic camera and set the controls manually.’
    • ‘After bank security realised there was no way to override the lock, firefighters were called.’
    • ‘The operator has the option of overriding the sensor automatically selected by the operational software.’
    • ‘If automatic valves are used, they should be controlled from a central location and be easy to override with manual controls.’
    • ‘When he told us that he's going to check on the ship the moment that Fekonson had confronted us, he probably went to this terminal that I am standing by right now, and overrode the controls.’
    • ‘He tapped away at the keyboard, trying to override the computer so he could use the thrusters.’
    • ‘Click on the Advanced button to override automatic cookie handling and better control your own preferences.’
    • ‘And then, after half an hour, they overrode the computer, but the emergency brake was still applied, and then the second swell hit us.’
    • ‘He then spun around, realising that Luc could manually override the elevators and get up to higher levels.’
    • ‘The camera defaults to auto-flash mode, but a button on the back allows you to keep the flash off, or to override the sensor when you want to take people shots in daylight.’
    • ‘They calculated every vector of the arching, twisting plunge, while certain computers tried desperately to override the train's control systems.’
    • ‘And finally, on manual transmission vehicles, the clutch pedal ignition lock is overridden so the starter can be used without pushing in the clutch after stopping on a hill.’
    • ‘‘This new system not only monitors and treats critical patients but it can also learn from the experiences of medical staff, who can override the machine at any time,’ he said.’
    • ‘That signal would act both as a homing device for Migilas to find the particular landing bay they were in, as well as allow her to override its door control mechanism.’
    • ‘He located the locking mechanism and accessed it, changing the emergency codes so no ship's personnel could override the room lock.’
    • ‘They reconfigure the positions of particles in the brains of any organic beings, as well as overriding any computers on the ship.’
    • ‘It wouldn't go any further the moment that checkpoint staff overrode the control.’
    • ‘Among the guidelines are provisions for unpredictable audit tests and procedures to test management's ability to override controls in order to commit fraud.’
  • 3technical Extend over; overlap.

    ‘the external rendering should not override the damp-proof membrane’
  • 4Travel or move over.

    ‘overriding by vehicles is implicated in over half the cases of footway damage’
    • ‘We have identified seven such lateral moraines that were overridden by the expansion and growth of the Fennoscandian ice sheet.’


Pronunciation /ˈəʊvərʌɪd/
  • 1A device for suspending an automatic function on a machine.

    ‘the flash has to have a manual override to be useful’
    • ‘Most photographic factors, from focus to shutter speed, have manual overrides, so you can control pictures of the children unwrapping presents if you choose, or rely on the surprisingly effective automatic modes.’
    • ‘I tried both the automatic and manual override functions.’
    • ‘More complex systems have built-in overrides using call-in, occupancy sensing or reaction to out-of-spec temperatures that turn on systems for zones having special needs.’
    • ‘Pavel was frantically pressing switches and overrides.’
    • ‘The fire control system is automatic with manual override for both gunner and commander.’
    • ‘The offending items were mechanical overrides, which permit the key to be removed from the ignition with the shifter in a position other than park and allow the transmission to be shifted out of park with the ignition in the off position.’
    • ‘Where the hell is the manual override on this thing?’
    • ‘It took technicians over 20 minutes to engage the manual override as horrified friends watched.’
    • ‘For those with specialist training, a manual override facility allows the programming of specific frequencies.’
    • ‘The moonwalkers were not opposed to increased use of automation, but they still wanted manual backups and overrides.’
    • ‘As he went to enter his office, he had to use the manual override to get it to open.’
    • ‘Most automatic fixtures have manual overrides should the sensors fail to function properly, manufacturers say.’
    • ‘Why not to include an override button on your device.’
    • ‘If Amy weren't under guard, she'd be working on overriding the overrides and getting control back.’
    • ‘The Magloc includes a mechanical override on the left side of the grip.’
    • ‘O'Brian killed the power override and the ship powered down.’
    • ‘You can switch from full-program mode to manual override for exposure control, and it has a built-in flash and nifty remote control.’
    • ‘Not being able to hold in a hoarse laugh of relief the General reached out to the manual override sitting in front of him, the redness beaming invitingly.’
    • ‘If they were rejected, the automatic override button was used to compel their acceptance.’
    • ‘The Earthlink system just automates it, but the manual override is always available by logging into webmail.’
  • 2An excess or increase on a budget, salary, or cost.

    ‘commission overrides give established carriers an unfair advantage’
    • ‘In other words, adopt interpretations that will provoke a legislative override that will make it clear what the legislature really wants today.’
    • ‘At some point in the political evolution of the Charter, it will be worthwhile to encourage a more reasoned public and political understanding of the override than currently exists.’
  • 3US A cancellation of a decision by exertion of authority or winning of votes.

    ‘the House vote in favour of the bill was 10 votes short of the requisite majority for an override’
    • ‘GP pointed my attention first thing this morning to this unbelievable legislative override of judicial authority in Florida.’
    • ‘Both votes surpassed the three-fifths majority necessary for a veto override.’
    • ‘After Wednesday's vote the Governor's pledged consequences for the override.’
    • ‘The president had veto power over any bill passed by Congress, subject to a congressional override by a two-thirds vote of each house.’
    • ‘The Kansas legislature is likely to try to override the veto, and unless some legislators change their votes, the override will pass.’