Definition of overqualified in English:



  • Too highly qualified for a particular job.

    ‘an overqualified person will quickly become dissatisfied’
    • ‘I've got a horrible feeling that I'm actually drastically overqualified for the job, and that I'm going to be wasting their time.’
    • ‘Hell, I'm practically overqualified to be a journalist.’
    • ‘Recent figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that ever more graduates are taking on jobs for which they are overqualified.’
    • ‘I forgot how demeaning it is to get rejected for a job you're overqualified for and really didn't want in the first place.’
    • ‘Either way, many students are sucked into the workforce at entry-level posts, grumbling that they're overqualified and underpaid.’
    • ‘Aside from possibly being deemed as overqualified, Ph.D. graduates have been criticized by some in corporate America as being unable to effectively transfer theories into working strategies or work as a team.’
    • ‘Recently a newer colleague remarked to me that I must be overqualified for what I have to do.’
    • ‘Some employers may even regard them as overqualified, with over-high expectations.’
    • ‘There were even candidates who were overqualified.’
    • ‘A man, in other words, who is completely overqualified for the job of cable news talk show host.’
    • ‘The eventual outcome is a foregone conclusion - overqualified employees holding jobs they find boring, unchallenging, and unrewarding.’
    • ‘My friend, however, was turned down, and it was explained to him that while he was in fact highly qualified for the position, he was not quite as overqualified for it as the people who were actually chosen.’
    • ‘Sure, I'm overqualified… I'm willing to stoop to that level.’
    • ‘Somehow, when I drop my application at a movie theatre or an office or the library, I always feel silly because I know I'm ridiculously overqualified for the post.’
    • ‘You can't help being overqualified for a position, but you can tailor your resume and cover letter so that it more accurately speaks to the position for which you're applying.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Overseas doctors are overqualified for the jobs they do.’’
    • ‘He has a shelf full of Pulitzer Prizes and is probably overqualified to have any discussion with the panel on this program.’
    • ‘What really happened was that for many decades offices employed vastly overqualified women to be secretaries, paying them a fraction of what they were worth.’
    • ‘Many Jordanians now take jobs for which they are overqualified, simply to survive.’
    • ‘The point is that he's not bitter; the nation's army of overqualified supermarket shelf stackers is just a fact of life.’