Definition of overproud in English:



  • Excessively proud.

    ‘some of the independent artists were overproud of their independence’
    • ‘I have been quiet and polite - I am overproud of being quiet and polite at such events - but now a snort rips out of my nose.’
    • ‘I had a fun time playing an over-proud enslaved Amazon Queen.’
    • ‘I'm not over-proud of my part in the drama.’
    • ‘In a striking letter to The Times of 22 February 1855 he called upon the government to resist the humbug of public opinion and pull back from its over-proud and un-Christian attempt to humiliate Russia.’
    • ‘I was overproud of our accomplishments, of my culture.’
    domineering, dominating, autocratic, tyrannical, despotic, heavy-handed, oppressive, high-handed, bullying, high and mighty, lordly, lording it, officious, masterful, dictatorial, bossy, imperious, pontifical, pompous, peremptory, arrogant, cocksure, proud, overweening, presumptuous, opinionated, dogmatic
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