Definition of overprize in English:



[with object]rare
  • Value too highly; overrate.

    • ‘His mind had in it too much of that intellectual pride which scorns labor, and overprizes victory, to meet with unqualified admiration.’
    • ‘Though I refrain from overprizing originality, I cannot help valuing novelty at its full worth.’
    • ‘A man may undervalue life as well as overprize it.’
    • ‘Parents overprize their children, while they behold them through the vapours of affection.’
    • ‘He was a younger brother of an ancient wealthy family, valued the less by others, because overprized by himself.’
    assess too highly, overestimate, overvalue, prize too highly, rate too highly, think too much of, exaggerate the worth of, attach too much importance to
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