Definition of overprescribe in English:



[with object]
  • Prescribe (a drug or treatment) in greater amounts or on more occasions than necessary.

    ‘doctors have been overprescribing antibiotics for decades’
    • ‘Physicians overprescribe antibiotics because of patient demand and fear of lawsuits.’
    • ‘Stimulant treatment of ADHD has long been the subject of controversy, with some arguing that the drug is overprescribed and even dangerous because it can be abused.’
    • ‘Opponents of the use of Ritalin in ADHD say the diagnosis is overused and the drug is greatly overprescribed.’
    • ‘Costs are spiralling upward because doctors tend to overprescribe drugs, particularly to the elderly, and they tend to prescribe new, expensive drugs when a cheaper alternative is available.’
    • ‘Overusing broad-spectrum antibiotics is just as bad as overprescribing antibiotics in general when it comes to fostering bacterial resistance to antibiotics.’
    • ‘Physicians cite diagnostic uncertainty, time pressure, and patient demand as the primary reasons for their tendency to overprescribe antibiotics.’
    • ‘They thought physicians contributed to this dependence by overprescribing medication and supporting patients in excessive use of medications.’
    • ‘Antimicrobial drugs are overprescribed and inappropriately used.’
    • ‘In countries like Britain antibiotics have been overprescribed by doctors.’
    • ‘Though it's probably true that antidepressant medication is overprescribed right now in America, it is nonetheless a crucial way for depressed people to get help.’
    • ‘Lots of well-known people over the years have been victimized by a medical establishment that overprescribes all kinds of drugs, including painkillers.’
    • ‘He lost his license for overprescribing narcotics.’
    • ‘Limiting the use of antibiotics on animals may not completely stop the growth of antibiotic resistance (the drugs are also overprescribed by doctors) but it's a good place to start.’
    • ‘Older adults often are overprescribed antibiotics for treatment of chronic coughs with thickened sputum.’
    • ‘Guided by popular media reports, we may hastily conclude that doctors, by overprescribing antibiotics for people, are solely to blame for growing resistance.’
    • ‘In contrast, boys may be overprescribed some psychotropic medications.’
    • ‘I love your philosophy, and I certainly agree that many medicines are overprescribed.’
    • ‘It is very important that antibiotics are not overprescribed, but that comes back partly to the demands that patients frequently put on their doctors.’
    • ‘The report urges continued vigilance against overprescribing antibiotics.’
    • ‘I have always heard that these drugs are overprescribed.’