Definition of overpack in English:



[with object]
  • Pack too many items into (a container)

    ‘make sure you don't overpack the freezer’
    • ‘It was reported that Newman Stadium would be overpacked on Saturday for the game between Carrington and Freedom.’
    • ‘When molders don't accurately dose their shots, Elli explains, they risk overpacking their parts, which can cause the parts to stick in the mold or even to break it.’
    • ‘The place was packed, overpacked, flooding with drunk college students.’
    • ‘More private BBQs meant more time for schmoozing and boozing, plus catching afternoon sets by bands that would later overpack the clubs.’
    • ‘An untidy black lettering crawls all over these signs, overpacking them with percussive, ambiguous syllables.’
    • ‘Even when severely overpacked, the bags remained watertight.’
    • ‘At least you can see what the Grammys are getting at here - unless she overpacks her plane or suddenly starts to smash up her house, it's like the singer has a long career ahead of her.’
    • ‘Avoid overpacking the drying oven so that good air circulation is maintained.’
    • ‘Greatly
    • ‘The show wasn't high content even though the gallery was way overpacked.’